AP for Effort

May Brings AP Testing


Sophomores John Pierron, Alison Hamant, Austin Schroeder, and Aubrey Kosak studying for their AP United States History test.

Jazmine Bragg, Staff Writer

For most students, school revolves around learning new material. However, for those taking AP classes, the past month has been about preparing for AP tests, which occurred May 2-May 13.

Senior Maggie Laing, who took the AP Language Arts, Biology, and Statistics tests, said she spent around five hours outside of school  per test preparing for each test.

AP teachers, as well as students, put a lot of effort and work into preparing students for the tests.

“I went to Mr. [David] Jones’s review sessions once a week, and those were super helpful,” said junior Megan McKarns, who took the AP Government test.

For some, the AP test will play a major role in their future.

“I could receive college credit if I pass, and it looks good on a college application,” said sophomore Delaney Rotterman, who took the AP United States History test.

Even after all the preparation, some still had worries after taking their test.

“[I think I did] pretty well, but there were parts that I struggled on,” said Laing.

While AP testing may consist of a lot of studying, students feel it will be beneficial due to the possibility of earning  college credit.