Trained to Treat

Student Athletics Treat Sports Injuries


Freshman Ellie Coppock visits the training room to roll out her foot so she can continue running.

Taylor Shively, Staff Writer

With the start of school, athletes become involved in Fall sports practices and games. The Northmont Athletic Training program is just as busy preparing to prevent and treat sports injuries.

“Conditioning is important to prevent these injuries. We see many injuries in the early part of their season due, in large, to their lack of readiness for the increased workload, which results in a lot of strains or sprains,” said head athletic trainer Mr. Eric Newman.

Athletic trainers see injuries like sprains and strains on a daily basis. They also see fractures and various wounds. According to Newman, most injuries are brought in by football players, considering there are close to two hundred players on three teams. Newman also stated that soccer also brings in many injuries because of its physical demands.

“They helped me pinpoint my injury. When I fractured my tibia, they helped me recover and get back to running as quick as possible,” said junior Gage Beireis, a cross country runner.

Beireis is not the only athlete who visits the athletic trainer.

“I know the athletic trainers are always willing to help me,” said freshmen Emily Knecht, a basketball and softball player.

The program also provides training to students interested in the field.

“I have always been a student trainer, I had knee injuries myself and it encouraged me to help others. Being an athletic trainer is a great start for people who want to treat athletes,” said senior Adam Shepherd, a student trainer.

The athletic trainers at NHS work 24/7, 365 days-a-year tending to Northmont’s athletes inside and outside of school. Seniors Arkeylah Metcalf, Adam Shepherd, Tanece Jackson, Lauren Edwards, Emma Finch, Lacey Brand and Sienna McPeek, as well as juniors Tayler Bowling and Hannah Zimmer, sophomore Kylie Finch, and freshmen Emalie Pierce and Kaylee Wood, all serve as student trainers and are involved with the Fall sports programs.