Drama King

Language Arts Teacher By Day, Drama Club Director By Night.


Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh critiques his students work.

Ashlie York, Staff Writer

When Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh was younger, he never thought of being a language arts teacher or a Drama Club Director. He wanted to do robotics and wanted to go rocketing into space in a space shuttle.

As Puterbaugh got to middle school he decided that he wanted to become a teacher. Then, as he entered high school he joined Drama.

“I went to ten school performances and one community performance,” said Puterbaugh.

Puterbaugh loves the stories that are told through the shows and in general.

“I really love the creative freedom. Also, the former Drama Club Director inspired me to try different possibilities,” said Puterbaugh.

Drama Club is year round. Anybody can join at any time during the school year, as long as they pay the $20 activity fee. There is no cutoff date to join, so students can show up to any meeting.

“We offer seven short, student written plays in the Fall. In the Winter we have a musical, which this year the theme will be ‘Seussical,’ and in the Spring the play will be sci-fi-inspired,” said Puterbaugh.

Sophomore Josh Thompson has Puterbaugh as a language arts teacher, then goes to Drama Club meetings when they are held.

“I prefer him as a Drama Club Director. He seems more free and not held back,” said Thompson.

Each year, between 70-80 students join Drama Club.