Halloween Baby

Art Teacher Ms. Bethany Allen is Due On Halloween


Ms. Bethany Allen helps one of her students in the art room.

Andrea Rediess, Staff Writer

One of Northmont’s very own art teachers is expecting. Ms. Bethany Allen is due on Halloween.

“My maternity leave is going to be two months long,” said Allen.

During the two months without Allen, Mr. Fred Thomas will be taking over her art classes.

“It’s going to be terrible, but okay because she’s having a baby,” said sophomore James Jones, who is not excited about Allen’s leave.

“I’ll miss her, but as long as she’s safe and taken care of, It’ll be fine,” said senior Tyler Holmes.

Allen has always loved the artwork from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, which she finds pretty and gender neutral. The baby’s nursery will be based on the book and incorporate the colors, the quotes, the book’s focus on love, and the cute monsters.

With hundreds of baby names out there, Allen has one in mind for her plus one.

“We’re thinking of the name Julian,” said Allen. Not only do they like the name, Allen and her husband felt it goes well with their 3 year olds name, Vivian.

According to sheknows.com, the name Julian means youthful.

Coming soon this Halloween: Julian Allen.