Nose Goes

A Strong Odor has Been Lurking in Ms. Booth’s Room


Ms. Chesley Booth’s students cover their noses to keep from smelling the terrible odor that is coming from the classroom.

Taylor Shively, Staff Writer

PLEASE NOTE: The issue described below was investigated the week of October 24 by construction officials. They believe they were able to fix the issue and Ms. Booth and her students report the smell has dissipated for the most part.


Every student wants a wake up call in the morning, but not with an overpowering stench.

“I’m in Ms. Booth’s first period and we’ve had to move classrooms more than once because of how bad the smell is,” said freshman Madison Blessing.

Ms. Chesley Booth is a language arts and German teacher. Her classroom, #3213, is in the language arts wing, and a strong odor has been leaving students unable to focus on their work. It is believed that the odor is caused by the bathroom, which is located directly across the hall from the classroom. The smell is causing students to gag and making their eyes water.

“We open the windows, but then it’s freezing the whole class period,” said freshman Rachel Smith.

Not just students are being affected by the odor.

“We first smelled something strange last spring. It was a weird smell that would come and go with no probability. This year the smell is much worse and pretty distracting,” said Booth.

The odor has been brought to administration’s attention on a few different occasions. Booth is hoping for a solution.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: On Thursday, October 20, language arts students arrived in the classroom for first period and Booth had to stop students from entering because the smell was once again overpowering. Booth and her students relocated to the classroom next door.