12 Year Old Boy From India In Critical Condition.

The Three Minors Accused All Live In The Same Neighborhood


Jae'da Jennings, Staff Writer

TW : Sexual Assault
A 12 year old Indian boy was found in very critical condition in India’s capital New Delhi after being beaten and “allegedly sexually assaulted by 3 minors known to the victim” said dailycaller.com. This case is currently under investigation since it happened on September 18 but was only reported on September 22 by the boy to his parents, according to the police and DCW. “DCW is an authority to investigate the matters that involve the security and safety of women under New Delhi law” said CNN.com. The boy’s family first filed a complaint to the DCW about this case which is now a serious investigation. 

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Speaking of the case being under investigation, the two out of three young boys accused of this crime have been arrested for this crime. Also, “Delhi Police Deputy Commissioner Sanjay Sain said that the three minors accused are all from the same neighborhood/community, they were all neighbors” said CNN.com. One of the minors accused was even a relative of the victim in this crime. This alleged assault of this boy was said to have actually taken place in the northeastern neighborhood of Seelampur. None of the men have been charged at this point, but a statement from the DCW stated on Sunday that “the boy’s parents said they had found their son in critical condition after allegedly being brutally beaten with bricks and assaulted with a rod” said dailycenter.com. The DCW is now getting very involved with this case and is now intervening in the matter and has asked the New Delhi police for a copy of the FIR, details of the accused, and the arrests made so far in this case. Also a lot more protests against  the crimes of sexual assault in India have become way more frequent in the recent years.

There was a similar case to this one but it involved a young woman named Nirbhaya in 2012 it was a gang rape and murder. “She suffered horrific injuries after being raped and assaulted with iron rods just like the 12 year old boy” said CNN.com. Nirbhaya’s death shined a spotlight on sexual assault in India. Hopefully this spreads awareness on sexual assault and on how anyone can be raped, no matter your gender.