Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame

A Hit Record With Nothing to Show For it


Legend Pete Rose slides into the base at the 1970 All-Star Game (courtesy of Fox Sports).

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

Pete Rose finished his baseball career with the most hits in the MLB. He had 4,256 hits to end his career and still is number 1 on the hit list. The switch hitter has some of the greatest stats in baseball, but he still is yet to see his career honored in the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose has been denied a chance at the Hall of Fame because when he was an athlete in the MLB he was caught betting on his own games. When he was caught betting, Rose was banned from baseball for life.

Professional athletes are charged with crimes that are far more violent than betting on their own games. According to USA Today, professional athletes such as Josh Huff, Aroldis Chapman, Terrell Suggs, and Robert Turbin were all charged with a crime in 2016. Ranging from drug use to DUIs, domestic violence, and gun possession. Although these players have committed a crime that warrants jail time, they still play their sport. Some may think it ridiculous that highly paid athletes can get away with criminal activity, yet a record-setting baseball player bets on his game and is banned for life from baseball. Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, considering his crime seems minor to other athletes. If not, start banning athletes who commit crimes like they banned Rose. When Rose was banned he was a manager, and had been a player, for the Cincinnati Reds. Rose made major contributions to the Reds, playing for them for a total of 19 years. The Reds inducted Rose into their Hall of Fame on June 25, 2016. The legend deserves more, considering the contribution he has made to baseball.

Pete Rose is known for his all-time hit record, which is currently still the most in the MLB. With his 4,256 hits and his 1,314 RBIs, many think that those are Hall of Fame statistics. Rose should be in the Hall of Fame with the all-time hit record. Many retired athletes are in the Hall of Fame with statistics not nearly close to 4,000 hits. Rose has put up unbelievable hitting and RBI stats, but has ceased to see a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Rose is one of the most beloved ball players to play the game of baseball. He is most appreciated in Cincinnati where his contributions stand out. Athletes get second chances for drugs, DUIs, and gun possession, and at times don’t even get suspended. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially a legend.