Northmont Video Nominated for National Award

Northmont Thunder’s Murder Mystery is Nominated for Three Oscars


Northmont Thunder’s Murder Mystery is nominated for an Oscar.

Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Northmont Thunder’s Murder Mystery Halloween Special has been nominated for several awards heading into this years Oscars. The series was nominated for Best Dramatic Feature, Best Supporting Actor (Jason Inkrott) , and Best Sound Editing (Ba Bumm Sound). Several academy members consider it to be a favorite to win in each category.

“Northmont Thunder’s Murder Mystery is spectacular,” said the New York Times. “Taylor Shively and Ellie Coppock truly outdid themselves.”

Some celebrities have also enjoyed the show.

“It’s amazing,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. “If they don’t win this year then they were robbed.”

Northmont Thunder’s last suspect will be released on Monday, October 29 and the reveal will be on Wednesday, October 31. Previous episodes can be found now under the Murder Mystery tab.