Back For One More Kiss

Rock Band KISS Goes On Final Tour


KISS end of the road tour

Kireen Mcrill, Staff Writer

According to the Nutter Center, KISS, the band, will be on tour from February 1 to October 2. Tickets went on sale November 22, 2019. This tour will be fans last chance to see the band in concert, they will be performing in many different cities from Manchester to Fort Worth. 

Detroit Free Dress claims, “KISS has already declared that it will officially conclude its career with a July 17, 2021, performance in New York City, where Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss formed the band that became one of the ‘70s best-selling acts and an enduring rock-merchandising machine.” Along with this performance, KISS has claimed they are going to the (DTE) energy music theaters on September 11 during their tour. KISS made Detroit famous for it was the first place they performed at.

KISS stands for “Knight’s in satan’s service,” or “Keep it simple stupid.” They got these names from KISS fans making guesses about their name. The most common guess as to what their name means is from when  Criss and  Stanley were driving in New York city and Peter mentioned about being in a band called lips.

In the month of January in 1973, the name Wicked Lesters was dropped after the band reconnected and KISS was born. In August of 1973, the band became the first act signed to Bogart’s new label, Casablanca Records. Neil Bogart’s record Casablanca was a disco record where KISS was the first act, later on in Neil’s career Casablanca became one of his biggest disco records. 

KISS has been a band since 1970, they originally were produced by Wicked Lesters with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as co-founders. The band left Wicked Lesters because they were unhappy, Stanley and Simmons parted ways in 1972 when Epic Records rejected them.

In May 2009, KISS performed on American Idol and got over 30 million views on the show. That led to them playing the Alive 35 Canadian tour and it was by setting attendance record at Sarnia Bayfest.  The band has been together from 1970-2019.