Harry Styles Breaks Gender Stereotypes

In the December Edition of Vogue


Tyler Mitchell/Vogue

Harry Styles for Vogue

Savanna Sparks, Staff Writer

Friday, November 13th, Harry Styles was featured on the cover of the December edition of Vogue. Styles was dressed in a groundbreaking baby blue, lace Gucci ball gown with a black blazer.

Living in a day and age in 2020 means that the younger generation is more accepting than previous generations. This means that more people are accepting of breaking gender roles/stereotypes in the mainstream media, this doesn’t mean that the older generation stopped being critical. Right-wing conservative journalist, Ben Shapiro tweeted, “Pretending that men dressing like women does not feminize men is ridiculous, particularly coming from the same people who are celebrating Styles BECAUSE he is feminizing masculinity.”

Harry styles is no stranger to criticism, when talking exclusively to The Guardian Styles stated, “What women wear. What men wear. For me it’s not a question of that,” Styles told The Guardian last year. “If I see a nice shirt and get told, ‘But it’s for ladies.’ I think: ‘Okaaaay?’ Doesn’t make me want to wear it less though… I think the moment you feel more comfortable with yourself, it all becomes a lot easier.”

This issue of Vogue is important because young men, women, and gender-neutral people should see all genders stepping out from their stereotypes and dressing how they desire. Clothes have no gender or identification, so why should it matter if a woman wears a suit? Or even a man wearing an off the shoulder trench coat, as Harry Styles is down below.

Harry styles ends with this statement to Vogue, “When you take away ‘There’s clothes for men and there’s clothes for women,’ once you remove any barriers, obviously you open up the arena in which you can play,”