Hope Squad

Hope Squad is Here to Help!

Echo Diffenderfer, Staff Writer/Editor

What is Hope Squad? Hope Squad is a group of trained students eager to help their peers with suicide prevention, self-care, anti-bullying, and overall mental health. These students are trained to recognize suicide warning signs and to act upon those warnings to support their peers to seek help from other adults.

There are so many ways to connect to the group and its advisors: through our website and social media.




You can find the group during lunch near the stage by one of the entrances, greeting you in the mornings they will be holding up signs and possibly wearing a fun costume! Another way you can point the Hope Squad out is their yellow pins attached to their shirts or book bags! Hope Squad is spreading positive energy through Northmont High School, in HOPE to make every student’s day a bit better.

The lead advisor of Hope Squad, Mrs. Schroeder, who is a mental health counselor for Northmont High School, answered the big question: What is Hope Squad to you? “Hope Squad is a group of students who are empowered with the knowledge of how to spread mental health and suicide awareness along with connecting peers with supports when they are struggling. They are wonderful youth that was voted by their peers for their natural ability to be empathetic, a good listener, and give great advice. At the end of the day, they are the changemakers and lifesavers of the school especially at Northmont High School.” She has offered to all students to reach her through her email, [email protected], and offered to have students visit her in her room, 1170!

We have another advisor Mr. Hurst, who is an athletics coach, and a history teacher for Northmont high school. You can email him at [email protected] and visit his room 3122.