A review of Always and Forever Laura Jean

A Review Of The Third To All The Boys I‘ve Loved Before.

Josh Murphy, Staff Writer

On February 14, 2021, the third movie in the To All The Boys I‘ve Loved Before series came out, giving us a rom-com for Valentine’s day.

The final movie concludes the series and the story the other two have told through Lara Jean’s high school years. Lara is now a Senior and still with Peter. The problem is Lara doesn’t know where to go for college. When the school goes on a trip to New York, Lara realizes that she might not want to go to the same college as Peter. While on the trip, Lara, her best friend Chris, Jen who is Chris‘s cousin, and some of the other characters go on a tour of New York University.  One of these characters is Trevor, played by Ross Butler. Ross, according to IMDB, plays Reggie in Riverdale and Zach Dempsey in Thirteen Reasons Why. While there, Laura goes on a tour of NYU, goes to a party and starts to get closer with Jen again while they do some fun stuff like stealing a  pink coach with some other kids to take from dorm to dorm. 

While the whole school plot happens, back at the Covey home Lara‘s father proposes to their next door neighbor who he has been seeing since the end of the second movie To All The Boys I‘ve Loved before P.S I Still Love You.  This starts a side plot where Lara doesn’t want the neighbor around because she doesn’t want a mother in her life because hers died when she was a kid. Despite this, Lara’s sister wants a mother because she doesn’t remember her mother. But her sister is happy because the neighbor has a dog and in the second movie she wanted a dog. Lara and Peter’s relationship is mostly put on the side burner.  By the end of the movie Lara accepts the idea of a mother and heads to college at NYC, where she has a long distance relationship with Peter. Also Chris and Trevor are a thing throughout the third movie.   

This movie is a good conclusion to the series. The story ends with a great view of Lara realizing New York is where she needs to be. But as a fan and someone who likes romcoms, I wish Margot and Josh got to see  each other again which could have made a happy ending to Margot’s story. 

With the end of the series, I see that there could be a spin off if they could make a deal with the author of the books To All the Boys I’ve loved Before.