Horror Youtuber Releases New Video After 2 Months

Analog horror artist, Xreamy, has released a brand new video after several months of inactivity!

Image from Take Care

Image from Take Care

Rhys White

_Boisvert, a YouTube horror artist, has released a new video after 2 months of inactivity, which revives one of the most popular characters in the series. The series starts following a character that is often referred to as Antlers. Antlers is isolated from everyone and can’t seem to get out of loneliness. He struggles with self worth and staying on track until he gets a feeling that he needs to go into his basement. He walks down the stairs and finds Room, the antagonist of the series. From there, the story is full of fallen gods, angels, and dogs.

Art of Room in Entirely Beloved


In the first video, Room asks a simple series of questions, including: “When did you last go outside?” and, “When did you last see your friends or your family?” And then the video ends. In the video after, Room is seen in the popular dancing meme template with text saying “They don’t know”, which likely refers to the isolation that Room feels even when in a room full of people. This transition leads us to the video titled Burning.mp4, where we see Antlers for the final time in the series, explaining that he had been alone and repeating a cycle of sadness for a year. He goes on to tell himself to “Do something, anything, you coward” which leads to him being absorbed by his darker emotions and being turned into Room.

Boisvert channel profile picture
Art from Boisvert’s Youtube profile picture


We are introduced to the characters The Quilled God/Continue (One of these are correct but we don’t know as it is never specified) and Dogtooth. Dogtooth is the actual protagonist of the series. Dogtooth stumbles upon The Quilled God and ends up stabbing him. After, we get a single visual of The Quilled God crying before it cuts to black. The next upload features Room, who now has tentacles replacing his legs. We also see puppets of Room throughout the video. Room states “A chasm has appeared upon the face of my watch. My past decapitated, I search blindly for what I will not find.” After, we meet The Angels of the Complex, who Room proceeds to attack. Blocking the attack, The Angels of the Complex stares at room, immobilizing him in place. 

Thumbnail from The.Complex video


Next, we meet The Complex, who is a ghost with crutches for legs. He is said to be the birthplace of all of the other characters. The Complex symbolizes isolation and how loneliness, lack of love, and rage can affect a person. After having enough of the trauma, The Complex turns rageful, then disappears. We cut back to Room, who has been absorbed by The Angel of the Complex and is trying to escape. He is stuck with his hands tied behind his back.

Image from @xreamy on Instagram


After asking two questions to the viewer, those being “When does a home become a complex? When does a complex become a home?” We then see Dogtooth carrying the corpse of The Quilled God to Room’s holding cell. Guarding Room’s box, The Complex charges at Dogtooth, trying to kill him. While fighting, Dogtooth kicks The Quilled God’s corpse into Room’s chamber. Room consumes the corpse which teleports him into an infinite space with another of The Complex’s angels. Room takes the face of the angel and escapes his containment. He consumes The Complex and grows much stronger. He spares Dogtooth’s life due to him saving Room. 

Image from @_xreamy on Instagram


Dogtooth is determined to stop Room’s rampage, so he tries desperately to stab him. It ends up to no avail, because Room grabs Dogtooth by the throat and lifts him into the sky. Dropping Dogtooth, Room is lifted by the faceless angel and asked a series of questions like “Why are you still here?”, “Why do you still call this place home?” to which Room replies “I am owed nothing.” The faceless god asks “Where is your song? What of your wings?” Which leads to Room’s next words, those being “They are forfeit.” The faceless god says the final words “Then there is nothing more to say.” After these words, Room is stabbed in the spine by Dogtooth, ending his life. The next three videos follow Dogtooth roaming a wasteland searching for answers to questions that never existed, and the new character Covenant. Covenant explains that there is an abnormality somewhere and it is dangerous.

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The new video shows Room being resurrected. The only caption in the entire video only says “Kill the Saint.” Room gets swarmed by dogs which he ultimately crushed to death with his 3rd arm. After killing the dogs, he meets The Saint, who he gives a hug to then murders. The video ends with a QR code leading to the same video. A comment on Instagram asked if Room was ever coming back to this series and was replied with “He is dead.” by the creator of the series, Boisvert. He also made an Instagram post of Dogtooth, Room, and the faceless angel with the description text saying “Muerte” which supposedly means Room is dead. 

Instagram post from @xreamy