The Resident Evil 4 Remake Has Been Released!

The long awaited remake for Resident Evil 4 has been released and fans are not happy!


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Rhys White

Resident Evil 4 came out with a remake on March 24, 2023 and fans have some very mixed feelings. Resident Evil is a horror game series based around bioterrorists fighting the protagonists Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Ethan Winters, and Barry Burton, who are fighting to save the residents (not evil) of Raccoon City and Terragrigia. Resident Evil 4 was following the story of Leon Scott Kennedy who was hired to retrieve a kidnapped person. The person was kidnapped by a cult and Leon has to fight them in order to fulfill his mission.

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Carson Dunn, a Resident Evil fan, had this to say about the remake; “It’s a very nice improvement, from what I’ve seen from the original graphics, it was a really good upgrade. They tried to keep the story straight but they dropped some stuff they didn’t need. Oversexualization, the tank movement, you can now press F to destroy barrels. Overall the game is pretty good, I’d recommend it. I’d even say it’s better than the original.”

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According to, when they learned that Lily Gao would be replacing Jolene Anderson, fans began to harass the voice actor for Ada Wong, saying that the game is too “woke” due to the inclusion of a Chinese-American voice actor. Carson had this to say about the change; “I think she’s perfect. Last game people said she was annoying and now they changed it so it’s not horrendous. I think it’s fine, better even.”

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The game included many cuts including a bonus mode called Assignment Ada, which allowed players to play as Ada, which is not in the remake. Another bonus mode missing from the remake is called Separate Ways which was an entire campaign for Ada. Missing these two bonus modes leaves a lot of Ada’s backstory unknown, making many fans upset. Another missing part of RE4 is the lack of Incendiary Grenades, which were a prominent weapon in the original game. While the reasons for these features being removed are currently unknown, hopefully we will get some answers soon.