Elephant Peels Banana’s With Trunk

36-year-old Elephant Taught Herself How to Peel a Banana


Overripe Bananas

Kayla Myers, Writer

Amazing. Meanwhile countries are in war, Pang Pha the 36-year old elephant who lives in the Berlin Zoo has taught herself to peel a banana.According to arstechnica.com, “What makes Pang Pha’s banana peeling so unique is a combination of factors—skillfulness, speed, individuality, and the putatively human origin—rather than a single behavioral element.”


She learned to peel bananas with her trunk, however Pang is picky when it comes to the type of banana she eats.When given a banana that is green or yellow Pang will just put the whole thing in her mouth and eat it. Meanwhile, she will simply refuse a completely brown banana. When given an overripe banana, yellow with just a few brown spots she will eat it. Pang will grab the banana by her trunk and break if with the side of her distal trunk. Next, she shakes the banana until the pulp falls out. Then she grabs the pulp to eat, and discards the banana peel. She did this until there was very little pulp inside of the banana, checking with her trunk to see how much is left. When in front of other elephants Pang likes to keep her banana peeling a secret, she will eat all overripe bananas whole, and save the last one to peel.

The researchers did many studies at the Berlin Zoo, and even tried to see if Pang Pha’s daughter would peel bananas. They discovered that Pang was the only elephant who would actually peel her bananas, and the researchers do not know the cause.