Television Becoming Overrun By Adult Content


Freshman Bailey Mescher watches television at home.

Autumn Jenkins, Staff Writer

Currently, seniors have the opportunity to apply for scholarships in a variety of values, requiring specific eligibility requirements, and selection procedures. Scholarships are awarded based on the criteria set by individuals, community groups, or the organizations that are awarding the scholarship. Selection could be based on scholastic performance, intended college major, special talent, or financial need.
It is important for seniors to review the requirements of each scholarship. These awards and scholarships represent a very small percent of the total financial aid available to graduating seniors.
There are additional sources of financial aid and description of each scholarship in detail listed in the seniors Google classroom with the code being QRQ1OS5.
Other financial aid sources are Colleges or Technical schools, FAFSA, TAFSA, Grants, Student Loans, Work Study Programs and Scholarships.
Remember to turn in applications to Mrs. Freudensprung in room 101A. The deadline to turn in applications is February 16, 2018 by 3:30pm, unless the application has to be mailed to the organization. Some scholarships have an earlier due date, so read carefully and meet all the deadlines.