Drama Club is Taking the Stage by Storm

The Tempest blows in!


The cast and tech crew of The Tempest Back Row: D.J. Calzada, Aaron Quick, Josh Zennie, Eric Thompson Middle Row: Lindsey Mutter, Steven Willis, Molly Buchanan, Matt Lucente, Chloe Burton Front Row: Mark Limbert, Beekengsa Ngu, Sarah Rhoden, Andrew Wood, Sydney Thomas, Jayci Lawson Missing from photo: Jenna Bousquette and Taylor Harmon

Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

Drama Club is mixing things up, and doing four shows this year instead of their regular three.

In the fall, they will take the stage with a Shakespeare play, The Tempest, starring the magician Prospera, who was betrayed by her brother, Antonio, and was exiled to a distant island full of spirits and creatures with only her books and her daughter, Miranda.

“Prospera was the Duke of Milan, but she was exiled, and she has been on this island for 12 years. Now her enemies have come to the island, and she is seeking revenge,” said senior Sarah Rhoden, who will play Prospera in the show.

There’s something in the show for everybody.

“Everyone can look forward to some high quality Shakespearean actors from high school. There’s also some dance components, a lot of love, a lot of drama, and a lot of jokes,” said director Ranger Puterbaugh, who also teaches Language Arts.

Auditions for the fall show were held on Monday, September 15th. The cast list was posted the following morning, on Tuesday, September 16:

Prospera: Sarah Rhoden

Miranda: Chloe Burton

Ariel: Beekengsa Ngu

Caliban: Andrew Wood

Ferdinand: Eric Thompson

Sarafina: D.J. Calzada

Antonio: Josh Zennie

Alonso: Matt Lucente

Gonzala: Molly Buchanan

Stephano: Aaron Quick

Trincula: Sydney Thomas

Boatswain: Jenna Bousquette

Master of Ship: Jayci Lawson

Mariners/Spirits: Lindsey Mutter, Taylor Harmon

Understudy: Taylor Harmon

For the winter, The Addams Family: The Musical will debut at Northmont. In the show, Wednesday Addams falls in love with a boy named Lucas, whose family is the only thing that the kooky, spooky, Addams family can’t understand—normal!

“I’m looking forward to the Addams family the most. That’s going to be so cool,” said sophomore Molly Buchanan, who will play Gonzala in The Tempest.

In the spring there will be two shows. The first is rarely done by schools, but our Drama Club is ready for the challenge. The members of the Drama Club will shut themselves in the Auditorium on March 6th, and write, cast, direct, and put together an entire show…and then perform it the next day, March 7th.

“The twenty-four hour lock-in is going to be amazing, and hopefully hilarious,” said junior Matt Lucente, who will play Alonso in The Tempest.

The second show is a spin on last year’s Senior Showcase. This time, all members of Drama Club are broadcasting their talents to the world.

“I can’t wait for the talent show,” said junior Aaron Quick, who will also play Stephano in The Tempest.

This year, the Drama Club has no limits on what they can do and has something for everyone to enjoy, so make sure to buy your tickets, because these are shows you won’t want to miss.