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Staff Reviews Crimes of Grindelwald


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Alysson Pahl, Staff Writer

The Harry Potter series just wasn’t enough for Warner Brothers Studio. Now enters Newt Scamander, writer of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, a textbook found at Hogwarts in the original Harry Potter books, now turned into a movie series, the second and newest being: Crimes of Grindelwald.  Being the second of a contracted trilogy it was, as to be expected, confusing. Just a note… spoiler alert is now in effect.

In the beginning, the viewers see Grindelwald breaking out of wizard jail. This part is pretty cool, setting up exactly how strong Grindelwald is for those who haven’t read the original Harry Potter books. It shows how easily he can persuade for his cause, for the ‘Greater Good’. In this part, the audience sees a pretty cool fight scene, if not too much CGI for some viewers. Altogether though, this is a great scene.

Another scene that was pretty amazing was the scene when Newt tamed the Zouwu. The Zouwu is an elephant-sized cat-like creature that had been terrorizing the wizarding Paris after it had broken out from a wizards circus. Its temper was purely from being locked up all the time, as it seemed to just want to run around and play. This is shown when Newt was able to get it into his case with just a small cat toy with a bell. The design for the Zouwu was beautiful as well. This scene also shows just how well Newt knows the beasts as well.

The one thing that was not too great about this movie was how it ended. Newt goes t0 talk to Dumbledore, but as they’re walking up to Hogwarts, the scene moves to Grindelwald saying that Credence is actually Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus being his brother, and Credence gets a phoenix. Grindelwald then gives Credence a wand which he then uses to blow a hole in a giant mountain that was just outside the window. This scene isn’t great because the book never spoke of Albus possibly having a second brother, long lost after a boat sunk. Dumbledore would have been 20-years-old when ‘Aurelius’ was born, plus Albus’ parents were both dead before Credence had been born, Kendra Dumbledore dying in 1899 and Percival Dumbledore dying around 1890 in Azkaban, whereas Credence had been born in 1901. Even if Credence is in anyway related to the Albus, he is definitely not his brother, unless of course, the movie is going to just move around the deaths of his two supposed parents.

Anyway, that’s just a small amount on the newest Wizarding World movie. Unless you are a die-hard fan of Harry Potter that will get really offended by the skipping over of certain information, this movie is amazing and should be seen just to see the beautifully colorful wizarding world.

It was a pretty good movie minus a few small parts, and it definitely was funny when not at a high stakes action sequence. Plus, there are baby Nifflers, so you kind of have to. Seriously, how much more adorable can it get?