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The Addams Family Takes the Stage


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Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

The drama club has adopted The Addams Family for their winter musical.  Auditions were held on Tuesday, November 18 and Wednesday, November 19. Callback auditions were on Thursday, November 20.

Opening Night Cast

Gomez: Andrew Wood

Morticia: Paige Combs

Wednesday: Maggie Salata

Fester: Adrian Matzke

Pugsley: Steven Greenwalt

Grandma: Franziska Scheutze

Lurch: Jake Ward

Lucas: Eric Thompson

Alice: Whitney Cueva

Mal: Connor McInnes


Closing Night Cast

Gomez: Aaron Quick

Morticia: Sydney Thomas

Wednesday: Stephanie Johnson

Fester: Trace Markins

Pugsley: Betina Dobles

Grandma: Sarah Rhoden

Lurch: Paul Davison

Lucas: Allen Van Luvender

Alice: Whitney Cueva

Mal: Connor McInnes


Male Ancestors: Jacob Mahran, Christian Moschetti, Austin Newell

Female Ancestors: Molly Buchanan, Cassie Campbell, D.J. Calzada, Shelby Didier, Rylee Fitzgerald, Shelby Gudorf, Taylor Harmon, Aleshia Hild, Jacky Maggard, Lindsey Mutter


Like with Shrek the Musical last year, drama club has split the main roles into a double cast.

“You have someone to bounce ideas off of,” said senior Adrain Matzke, who plays Fester in the opening night cast. “You can talk to them if you have any questions about your character.”

In the musical, Wednesday Addams falls in love with Lucas Beineke, a normal boy from Ohio, and she takes on a more optimistic look on life.

“In the beginning, Wednesday is very secluded, and not very confident,” said freshman Maggie Salata, who plays Wednesday in the closing night cast. “As she goes along, after she sings her solo, “Pulled”, she starts being more open to some people.”

Wednesday and Lucas want to get married, but they aren’t ready to tell their families. They enlist Gomez, Wednesday’s father, to help them keep the secret.

“Gomez is a family man, through and through, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his family, including lying to the other members of his family,” said junior Andrew Wood, who plays Gomez in the opening night cast. “He tends to dig himself into holes that he can’t really get himself out of, but you can’t stay mad at him.”

Gomez has to keep his daughter’s engagement a secret from his wife Morticia, who hates all forms of secret-keeping and lying.

“Morticia definitely wears the pants in the relationship,” said senior Paige Combs, who plays Morticia in the opening night cast. “She just wants her way.”

To see if the families will get along, Wednesday and Lucas have the families get together for dinner. To get along with the Beinekes for one night, the Addams family will have to act normal.

“Basically, Lucas is Wednesday’s fiance, and he and his family, the Beinekes, are going to have dinner at the Addams’ house in Central Park,” said sophomore Allen Van Luvender, who plays Lucas in the closing night cast.

Performances will be in the auditorium on February 6, 7, 12, 13, and 14 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, February 8 at 2:30 pm.