One Piece Chapter 1023 Review- Spitting Image

The battle in Wano is taking an unexpected turn.


Eiichiro Oda

Luffy and Momonosuke meeting after he aged 20 years.

One Piece is a famous manga and anime that has a very long story line. But in chapter 1023, the most recent arc, the Wano Kingdom battle, has been taking some drastic turns. The battle has been filled with action since the very first chapter, and it’s only escalating.

At the start of chapter 1023, Zoro, the swordsmanof Luffy’s crew, has finally gotten out of his human burrito bandages, and with Zoro finally healed, Zoro and Sanji can take on Kaido’s left hand man (Queen) and right hand man (King). During the heated battle, lots of things were revealed about the characters and setting of the show.

One of the first things that is revealed is that Sanji’s raid suit and body might not be as they seem. Sanji has had a mysterious power throughout the show, that usually is just overlooked without any speculation. The author of the manga, Eiichiro Oda, is clearly trying to bring direct attention to the situation. Queen says “Hey, Judge’s son!!(

Sanji) I hear all of you kids are cyborgs.. That burning leg of yours a machine part?” The next fact that is revealed is King’s race, it has been a mystery ever since his character was revealed. He came from an ancient kingdom, and his race the Lunarian’s were also from an ancient past.

As the chapter continues and the story progresses, the characters start to speak on Zoro’s past, which is quiteliterally the first time Oda has talked about his past since his character was introduced about 1000 chapters ago. Supposedly Zoro could be a descendent of Shimotsuki Ryuma, the God of The Blade. It could just be coincidence because they are both swordsmen with one eye, but that would be a little too coincidental if you really think about it.

Then, unexpectedly, Cat Viper and Inuarashi who are members of Momonosuke’s side in this battle both end up coming in contact with the light of the full moon and they go into their most powerful fighting form, Sulong. Their strong will to take back t

(Inurashi’s Sulong Form)

their country is really starting to show with their actions. To leave the chapter on a cliff hanger Oda decides to let Shinobu use her devil fruit to age Momonosuke by 20 years. Momo finally meets up with Luffy and their plan to take down Kaido is finally seeing its end.