Meet and Greets Return to Disney

Meet and Greets Return April, 18



one of the meet and greets you can get with in the park.

Josh Murphy, staff writer

Meet and greets will return to Disney April 18, 2022. It has been a year and half since they left due to Covid -19. 


According to WDWNews, Being a staple of the parks, guests were sad when meet and greets had not returned to parks, due to COVID-19. However, with new Florida and CDC guidelines, meet and greets can return to how they were pre-COVID. During the pandemic, characters stood in areas to talk to guests and get pictures but not close to the character. April 18, 2022, will change this and make meet and greets a thing again.The old concern of Micky being able to steal your wallet will be back. This will make memes of cast members come back. The pop ups on the My Disney app now show where the meet and greets will take place. Photographers will be at each spot to take pictures.  this will mean a lot more use for photo pass. photo pass while meet and greets were gonewas  only pictures in front or land marks, and rides the reason to have it.


With the new protocol regarding Covid-19, Masks are no longer needed in buildings. The work of state and federal agencies with Covid-19 protocol has made it possible for meet and greets to return to the parks. According to Inside The magic, Meet and greets returned April first Disney euro parks, these meet and greets have not returned to Hong Kong Disney. to As new guidelines for Covid-19 are shown to affect things, changes will be made as needed.