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Northmont Bowling at Second Tournament of Season


Varsity girls at the GWOC Preseason tournament, image courtesy of Northmont Athletics.

Autumn Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief

The varsity bowling teams went to Poelking Lanes South on December 10, 2016. The girls’ team finished 10 out of 20 teams and the boys’ team was in second place before the final eight-team tournament, but was eliminated after the third round.

The tournament was especially difficult due to the complicated sport shot oil pattern. Despite this, sophomore Cassidy Hunter placed 24 out of 109 bowlers, with games of 136, 193, and 179, according to Northmont Athletics.

Many of the bowlers felt they should’ve performed better at the tournament.

“It was alright. We could’ve done better, but I was proud of us for our first big tournament of the season. We need more experience in a varsity level, picking up more spares and keeping a positive attitude,” said Hunter.

Others felt they bowled as expected, considering the composition of young team members.

“I thought we did okay. It was expected that we’d be nervous, and we were, but we did well considering almost all of us came from J.V.,” said sophomore Rachel Banks.

Some had ideas for improvement at future matches and tournaments.

“Pick up a lot more spares and get some of these kids to bowl under more pressure than they are now,” said senior Wyatt Meyers.

While the teams will experience several oil patterns over the season, the sport shot oil pattern created anxiety in many of the bowlers.

“I was upset we didn’t make the cut. We all need to work on sport shots and picking up spares,” said junior Maddie Jaehnen.

The next varsity tournament is on Saturday, December 17, at Beaver-Vu Lanes in Beavercreek.