Schedule Shenanigans

Students Return From Break With Schedule Changes


Freshman Madeline Hardwick reviews her schedule.

Ellie Coppock, Staff Writer

Many students are beginning the new semester with a change to their schedules.

“I switched from ceramics [semester 1] to gym [semester 2],” said freshman Madison Blessing. “I get more exercise now.”

There are other benefits, as well.

According to freshman Jenna Stowers, a new class may allow students a chance to see other friends.

Not all students are excited about their schedule changes, however.

“I don’t really like my schedule change because I had to go to a new lunch and figure out who I could sit with this semester,” said junior John Pierron.

Others find themselves having to make a change… to the change, which requires waiting in a long line at the Counseling Center.

“I originally had two study halls and had to switch one to woodworking,” said freshman Nick Sanders.

It is estimated that 30% of students had to visit the Counseling Center to make a change to their schedule during the first week of the new semester.