Burning Batteries

Speaker Causes Fire in Locker


Eighth grader Shae Bell stands by the locker where she saw the smoke.

On Wednesday, April 12, Northmont Middle School students evacuated due to smoke coming from a students locker. Rumors quickly spread on what caused the smoke in one of the students lockers. The evacuation was blamed on everything from phone explosions to electrical fires. However, it was batteries in a wireless speaker which overheated causing the evacuation after C lunch. The students were cleared from the building approximately around 1:20 pm; students remained outside until 2:00 pm.

”We don’t know what kind of speaker it was but we want to inform students to be cautious of wireless speakers overheating,” said Assistant Principal Holli Gover.

Bell was playing flute with a small group in the hallway when she smelled the smoke and then saw it coming from a student’s locker.

”I was scared something could happen. Then a teacher said it was a fire and to pull the alarm,” said Bell.

The damages to the locker were minimal and the fire department cleared the building with no difficulties.