U-Korner: At the Homecoming Dance

Q & A with Anastasiia Skoryk


German exchange students Franzi Schutze and Emma Grunmuller stand with Ukranian exchange student Sia Skoryk at their first Homecoming Dance. Schutze and Grunmuller bought their Homecoming dresses in Dayton, while Skoryk brought her dress with her after buying it in Italy.

Anastasiia Skoryk, Staff Writer

Q: Describe getting ready for Homecoming.

A: You know that feeling when you want something very bad and you wait for it for a long time, that is how I felt. I was so excited about Homecoming week and the dance.

Q: Do you have dances in Ukraine?

A: In Ukraine, we haven’t this kind of entertainment.

Q: What were your expectations?

A: It is hard to say what I expected, but I can tell you that every teenager in Europe who saw American movies dream about school dances.

Q: What do you do in Ukraine for fun?

A: We have dancing, too. But our school parties usually take place in clubs where we can play bowling or another games and dance.

Q: What did you think about the dancing?

A: You can say that someone who is probably experiencing their first time at a homecoming dance can be impressed about type of dancing. I thought it was very dirty.

Q: How did you feel about the Homecoming dance at the end of the night?

A: I was really impressed, but tried to be flexible and had fun. The decorations were pretty and snacks with cold lemonade were so nice. I met a lot of people there. I can say that Homecoming was really very fabulous and fun.