Twitter Impersonators Gone Wild.

Lots of people using the twitter platform are now posing as famous people/businesses with verified accounts.


Jae'da Jennings, Student Writer

Now with the new eight dollar fee, people can be verified on Twitter with a blue checkmark next to their name so it’s giving people ability to impersonate these people with a big following. “Multiple Twitter users on Wednesday reported having easily created verified imposter accounts, though CNN was unable to independently confirm their responsibility in all cases.” says Brian Fung November 9th, 2022

This quote from CNN proves that it really is so easy for someone to just create a fake account of a celebrity and then people will see that and hold any fake tweet against the actual celebrity. But now with Twitter reactivating its “Official” gray check marks, everything should be sane again. “After a great deal of impersonation, hoaxing and other brand-unsafe behavior from the newly-purchased blue checks, the gray “official checks are back” says Elizabeth Lopatto November 10th, 2022 Now with these gray check marks, that’s how people know who is actually official and who is a fake trying to give that business/person a bad reputation. 

Now hopefully, in the “Twitter World” there will be less impersonation and lies on the platform making it a safe place to express yourself again. But now there is a new feature where you can be verified too with that little eight dollar blue checkmark next to your username.