Wack Wednesday

Once upon a time there was peace and order in Brontosburgh California.

image from from freepik

image from from freepik


It was a small, quaint little town. Everything was always perfect, always orderly and nothing out of the ordinary EVER happened. In fact, everything could be timed on a pocket watch. Always right on the dot, sometimes on the half and sometimes on the hour. Nothing was ever unexpected. Until one fateful Tuesday morning. That’s when the trouble started. Carlos had just woken up when he realized his room was on the ceiling and things were floating. Things such as these never happened, so Carlos did the logical thing and screamed as he tumbled from his bed. His mother rushed in. “Carlos, honey, what’s wrong?” She had a spatula in her left hand and an apron on.

“My- my bed it,” Carlos paused, everything was back to normal.“I just fell, ou- out of bed I mean.”

“Ok sweetheart, just be careful and don’t scream if you aren’t hurt. Make it a good Wednesday.” Carlos nodded and smiled while his mom left his room.

That was weird. Carlos thought to himself. “Maybe it was a trick of the light or maybe I was still dreaming” 

Or maybe you’re crazy.” A small voice whispered in his head. It sounded eerily familiar, but he ignored his impossible guess of why.

Going on with his morning, Carlos began his routine. Showing Get dressed. Eating a nutritious plain Cheerios breakfast. Finally brushing the pearly whites he took great pride in.  The outside air was crisp. Spring had not come just yet. It was peaceful when the birds flew around and sang their morning songs, well usually it was. Today there were screeching griffins and peacocks roaming all the perfectly groomed lawns of the neighborhood. Their cries were loud and ear pierecing. Carlos didn’t believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, closed them for a few seconds then opened them. The  screeching, griffins and peacocks were gone.

 After that Carlos ran to school. On his way he saw Mrs. Yopher pushing a shopping cart full of alligators and Jackalopes. I didn’t think those existed. Carlos thought to himself, before he could form another one he ran straight into officer Tox. At least that was who he looked like. He had five other people’s heads from one shoulder to the other. “Careful there son. Wouldn’t want you to break anything.”

“S- sorry officer.” Carlos stuttered.  

Officer Tox smiled. “Get along, you don’t want to be late for school.”

Carlos ran faster, faster than he had ever run before. Nothing odd stopped him until he was at the steps of the school. “What the Matrix?!” Every person was holding an overly large hairless cat. The only person who wasn’t was Carlos’s best friend Barnabby, but there was something  odd about him he wasn’t saying anything, his usual combed and gelled hair was disheveled. “Barns?” Carlos walked close to his friend. “You okay man?” Barnabby unfroze and turned toward him. A strained smile played on his face.

 “Hello Carly! Have you missed me?” It was the familiar voice

Carlos was dumbfounded. Speechless, but he soon finds words “No. No. Leave Barns alone! Do it or so-” 

“Ah ah aah, no no no, that’s not a nice way to greet someone. What happened to ‘Oh yes, I have missed you. It’s been so long!’ Or ‘Of course I missed you. Good morning to you too!’ I mean, has society really done away with manners this much? I’m very disappointed.” A forced frown stretched on Barnabby’s face.

“Let him go.” Carlos said sternly. Beads of sweat were dripping from his friend’s brow, and there was a long silence.

“Fine.” Said the voice that wasn’t Barnabby’s, “But I’m taking you!”

An intense whirling sensation came over him. His ears popped. Carlos squeezed his eyes shut as he felt weightless. When he felt solid ground he opened his eyes. The world was spinning but it was all wrong. It was like the town but completely wacko. Stop signs were in houses, the  people and Giraffes floated in the sky with swimming sharks. 

“Hello Carly. I’m glad you could make it.”

“happy to bring back the nostalgia. You didn’t give me much of a choice.” Carlos turned towards the direction of where he heard the voice, but there was nothing there. “I forgot you gave me that nickname.” Come on Carly! Have a little… fun!” Someone appeared right behind Carlos to speak in his ear. Carlos whipped around. “Surprised to see me?” He had jet black hair and a smug childlike face and a sly smile played across his lips. 

“No, but I’m expecting you to fix this.” The boy groaned and a fancy couch appeared as he dramatically crumpled onto it.

“So boring!”

“Will!” The boy faulted for a brief moment.  “You have to stop this! It is going to ruin lives if it progresses like this.”

“Oh but that’s the fun part I-” Carlos cut him.

“Do NOT say that’s your plan. Brother you are going to ruin the world.” Will stopped, his smug expression turned into a genuine  frown.

“I- I’m still your brother?” Will sat up.

“Cut the act you’re not understanding. I want to help, but Brontosburgh is off limits. Together, we shall bring the rest of the world up to its knees in chaos.” Will sprung up and Carlos offered his hand. “To wackiness and chaos?” Carlos smiled.


“Wackiness and chaos!” And Will shook hands with his brother, making a deal he only knew the half of.