U-Korner: Interact Club

My Experience During Interact Club


Sia working with the interact club.

Anastasiia Skoryk, Guest Columnist

Do you ever think about other people? Not about your sister or brother or your family but in general. I am talking about people who you don’t know.

Well, for me it was very difficult to see that people can have problems and that they need my help. It is strange for us because we’ve never notice this. It is not our life and we shouldn’t worry about this, right? No, it is not right. what is right is when we help another and feel the pain of another person.

Last weekend was my first experience volunteering in the U.S.A. I participated in interact club at Northmont High School.

We collected money for children who need treated right away. Children from poor families need our help. This was great experience for an exchange student like myself.

In Ukraine we have different volunteering programs too. I participated in them as well. For me it is very important to help to another. I helped in pet shelter and had a lot of fun.

In Europe we have a lot of different programs that help people all around the world. But volunteering in a cafeteria or supermarket is not usual thing in European countries because in most of them think you should to pay for that type of work. But collecting food for poor people or those who suffer of natural disasters is a really good job.

So, I just want to say that we should to do something like that for the world if we want to live with good people in a safe environment. We just have to make first step.