Make Your Jeans Pop!

Make your boring jeans stand out


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtney Davis, Staff Writer

Jeans are something everyone wears, and at times it might feel like every is wearing the same ones, so make yours stand out. All you’re going to need is a pair of jeans. Don’t choose your favorite pair, but definitely make sure you like them. You’re also going to need sandpaper, an X-acto knife, and your favorite color fabric marker.

First, lay your jeans out. Then, put cardboard inside the jeans that way you don’t ruin the other side. Next take the sandpaper and go over the jeans to make them look distressed. After that, use the X-acto knife to start making rips in your jeans. You want a lot of small rips, not big ones. Once you have your rips done, take the fabric marker and color in the rips. After that you’re done! You have a brand new pair of jeans in just a matter of minutes! This is actually an upcoming trend, so you will be ahead of everyone else.

A way to really make the rips stand out is when you wear the jeans, make the shirt you’re wearing have the color of the rips in it. Don’t make the whole shirt that color, but make sure the color is in it, so your jeans will pop so much more.