Kroger’s First Zero Hunger Mobile Market Program

How Kroger’s has developed a new way to help those in need


Kroger’s designed its first mobile grocery store and reveals it to Louisville citizens.

Tyler Hatfield , Staff Writer

Just before 2 p.m. on a Tuesday of last month, a Kroger’s branded trailer pulled up in an empty parking lot of the City View Park Apartments, of Louisville’s Russell neighborhood. On either side of the trailer’s outer walls were graphics of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, illustrating what was inside.

It was only the second stop of the day for the Zero Hunger Mobile Market. The market still had 29 more stops to make by the end of August.

“Most people don’t have cars, as you can see. They took a lot of Kroger’s away or it’s too far to walk or it’s too hot, so it’s real convenient and nice,” said Louisville resident Destiny Moore.

Many people, including competing business, look up to Kroger for this, and are grateful for their help. Spokeswoman for Kroger’s Louisville division, Erin Grant, told Courier Journal “We wanted them to still have a similar experience as our customers do when they shop at a Kroger’s grocery store. We wanted there to still be that warmth and newness and that brightness to it.” 

Grant wouldn’t say exactly how much Kroger’s had invested into this mobile market of theirs, but she did say that it was “significant” because they wanted their customers to feel like they were going into a regular store.

Kroger’s Zero Hunger Mobile Market hints to what Kroger’s may be planning for future natural disasters, and suggests that they may start rolling out even more trailers for people and places who are in need.