Boat Moves for the First Time in 100 Years

The “Iron Scow“ Moves off its Resting Area for the First Time in 100 Years


Courtesy of CNN

Ryleigh Whittaker, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 31, the “Iron Scow“ shifted off of its resting place. The boat was used to carry cargo in 1918 and has been stuck on Horseshoe Falls, the upper waterfall of Niagara Falls, for 101 years. Heavy wind and rain shifted it to another bead of rocks about 50 meters away. 

According to CBS News, Jim Hill, Niagara Parks Commission senior manager of heritage, said,“It appears to have sort of flipped on its side and spun around.”

The “Iron Scow“ was originally known as the dumping scow. It was a vessel apart of a tugboat that became disconnected by the line that was connecting them in 1918. At the time of being disconnected, the boat had two men aboard, James Harris and Gustav Lofberg.  The Vessel began floating down the river and just so happened to get stuck on a bed of rocks where is has been for 101 years.

According to CNN, a CNN affiliate CBC, said,“It’s the first time it’s moved any appreciable distance for more than a century.“

The two men we rescued in a little less than 24 hours by law enforcement. The scow is currently being monitored due to not knowing when it could move again. 

According to ABC News, Hill, said,“”It could be stuck there for days or it could be stuck there for years, It’s anyone’s guess.“

The boat is considered to be a record breaker for how long it has been on those rocks. But there is very little chance that the boat will stay for another 100 year but it broke a unknown record before it can do it again.