Cleveland Takes A Down

The Aftermath of the Steelers and Browns Scuffle


Josh Murphy, Staff Writer

The NFL has gone crazy with the events of the November 14th football game. Myles Garrett, the defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, engaged in a scuffle with the Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph, where Garrett removed his helmet and swung it at Rudolph.

According to 1otv, Garrett, the primary attacker, will face a stiff punishment of suspension indefinitely without pay for at least the remainder of the 2019 season, but he plans to make an appeal on Wednesday, November 21. The other players who got involved in the scuffle have their own punishments and appeals to deal with as well.

Other players tried to break up the scuffle in their own ways,  or get involved themselves but when doing that things went down hill. According to Fox News other players including the Steelers offensive linemen Matt Feiler and David DeCastro tried to break it up. By then, Maurkice Pounce, the Steelers center, started attacking Garrett by kicking him in the  helmet ending in a three day ban (1otv). Then out of nowhere, Browns  defensive tackler Larry Ogunjobi pushed Rudolph ending in a one game ban for this player.

According to Football operations, an incident like this will end in fine or ban.  All of these players will face hard  repercussions in result of their actions this game. But with hard times there are changes and growth of character.