Breaking News: Footage Shot of Bengals Sideline and Gave to Patriots

News Breaks Out of Patriots Recording a Bengals Game


Patriots helmet.

Kireen Mcrill , Staff Writer

After the New England Patriots verses the Cincinnati Bengals game, private videos of the Bengals sideline was given to the Patriot team. CNN  claims, “After video was leaked showing footage a New England Patriots’ video crew shot of the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline, a producer on the Patriots’ film crew has spoken out, saying he had “no intention” of giving the footage to the football team.”

They took the video from the sidelines of the Cincinnati Bengals verses the Cleveland Browns game. The Browns gave permission for the crew to film the game. They did admit that the crew didn’t reach out to the Bengals before recording the game. Apparently, the crew was filming the game for their “Do your job” for the website the Patriots have. CBS is  saying they are not sure if the patriots are going to be punished or not. They would punish them if there was actual proof they were lying about why they were recording.

Sports Illustrated claims, “Some of the NFL’s rules pertain to the use of recording devices, which are forbidden from operating in the coaches’ booth, on the field or in the locker room during the game.” According to CNN, when they asked about the video, a member of the Patriots’ video crew said he could delete the video. A member of the Bengals’ security could be heard saying, “the damage is already done my friend.”