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How Coronavirus has Effected Companies And Holidays


The Coronavirus spread.

Josh Murphy, Staff writer

As the Coronavirus spreads, communities, people, and businesses will face hard times. From Disney closing, to the closing of businesses, and the canceling of Chinese New Year, all of China has become delayed due to the Coronavirus.

According to CNN, the mega theme park- Disney Shanghai-has been closed for an unknown amount of time. With the closing of this theme park, made in 2016 for 5.5 billion dollars, the economy of Disney and other businesses are going to lose money.

According to CNN, an article by Sherisse Pham states that with the Lunar New Year and Coronavirus, travel for the new year has been extended a week due to travel bans. This started right before the Year of the Rat, the animal for 2020. Last year, 145 billion dollars was spent on the New Year celebration. With the Coronavirus spreading, the millions spent on last year’s celebrations will look pitiful to this year due to people not shopping, going to theaters, and spending money on new year festivity’s. But with an extra week added to this event, it could skyrocket to near the same amount of money.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Coronavirus has disrupted world trade and forced multinational businesses to make hard decisions with limited information. Apple Inc. said that they will be closing all of its store’s offices in China until February 9.  With the issues of this outbreak, it makes the U.S step up to stop Chinas lag in economy. Another problem is that China is a big oil importer and they get most of it from the completely locked down city of Wuhan where Coronavirus started. 

According to Nature Journal, the effected number has reached over 20,ooo people. As the Coronavirus spreads, more company’s will face hard times in the future.