Breonna Taylor Case Reaches Verdict

Verdict Invokes Anger From the General Public


Bethany Scott, Staff Writer

    On September 23, 2020, a verdict for the case of Breonna Taylor, a woman who was killed by three police officers, was reached.

    Back in March, Taylor’s home was raided under false accusations of possession of narcotics. During this raid, three police officers entered her home, eventually killing her by shooting numerous times. Reports say Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, had shot at the officers first, initiating the officers bullets. Following this event, protesters took to the streets, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. After over one hundred days of protesting, her case reached its verdict, invoking anger from the public.

    According to CNN, “only one of the three police officers involved in Taylor’s death was indicted.” The officer that had been indicted, Brett Hankinson, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, which the New York Times describes as being charged because “the grand jury believed that the shots he fired had endangered three people in an apartment next to Ms. Taylor’s.” CNN has concluded that “no officer was charged with killing Taylor.” The reasoning behind this verdict is that the police officers allegedly announced their entrance and began shooting only because they were shot at first, making this a act of self-defense. The jury proclaimed the only wrong the officers committed was when Hankinson began shooting with no clear line of sight, endangering the neighbors.

    Due to this verdict, a large proportion of the public believes no real justice was brought to Taylor. According to CNN,  people began to immediately criticize the verdict, some people had even begun protesting, marching in many cities. After more than one hundred days, the public got the verdict, but not the one they had wanted, inspiring hundreds to continue marching into tru justice is served.