Black Friday Shopping Turned Deadly

Two Dead at Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA


Paul Kitagaki Jr. / The Sacramento Bee via Associated Press)

Police outside of Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA after the fatal shooting on Black Friday.

Savanna Sparks, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 27, 2020 a customer at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California, fired two shots into the crowd of Black Friday shoppers. This shooting killed a 19-year-old man, Dewayne Reed, and put 17-year-old man, Sa’Quan Reed in critical condition. Reed later passed away in the hospital due to his injuries. 

The shots were reported at around 6 P.M. stated police spokesman Karl Chan, Sacramento P.D

Chan stated the following in a news briefing for KIX-TV about the shooting, “ We can confirm at this point that this does appear to be an isolated incident and not the result of an active shooter.” 

Fire Officials from Sacramento told KPIX-TV that the first victim’s body was found inside of the mall, and the second victim was found in critical condition with life-threatening injuries outside of the mall.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinburg tweeted the following in response to the shooting: ” We are deeply concerned by the increase in gun violence in Sacramento and other cities during the pandemic and have supported increasing our efforts to reach young people at risk. A gun is never the answer.”

The Sacramento Police Department found and arrested the suspected shooter, 18-year-old Damario Beck.


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