Confederate Flag Stormed Through Capitol Hill

200 Years After Capitol Hill Intrusion


Savanna Sparks, Staff Writer

On January 6, 2021, a mob of white supremesists broke into Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., and threatened the integrity of America’s democracy. These terrorists were carrying offensive flags and anti-Semitic clothing on the floor of congress. One of these offensive flags is the Confederate flag.

Below is a picture of a man parading the Confederate flag through the historical hall of congress.  The identity of the man has not yet been confirmed. Behind the man, you can see a portrait of Justin Smith Morrill, one of the founders of the republican party.

Unidentified man carrying Confederate flag through halls of Congress ([Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/EFE])

Unfortunately 160 years after the civil war to abolish slavery, the Confederate Flag is walked through Capitol hill with the rioters. The symbolism behind the carrying of the Confederate flag through a government establishment is extremely distressing. The Confederate flag isn’t flown and never has been flown in the capital because of its racist and harmful meanings.  Slavery was abolished 155 years ago, the flag will always hold the meaning it had when it was created. Although the symbol of the Confederate flag may be up for interpretation, it has recently been flown and exhibited to show support for President Donald Trump.

Some of the rioters that paraded the flag and destroyed the inside of Capitol Hill are being held accountable by law enforcement. According to Yahoo News, 120 arrests have been made so far, and the FBI and law enforcement are attempting to identify suspects. Some of those arrested have been made famous by their photos taken at Capitol Hill. These include the ‘buffalo man’ Jake Angeli, the man who stole a podium Adam Johnson, and the man who put his feet on House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s desk, and stole her mail, Richard Barnett. These rioters are pictured below.

Jake Angeli (Middle) wearing a horned fur hat during the raid. (Saul Loeb, AFP, Getty Images)


Adam Johnson pictured to the left with a podium stolen from congress floor/Win McNamee/Getty Images/Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office



Richard Barnett “Bigo” is pictured with his feet outrageously put on House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s desk. (AFP via Getty Images)

Before the invasion of Capitol Hill took place, President Donald Trump had a rally for his supporters in Washington D.C. , just minutes from the capitol. In footage published by NBC News of his rally, you can hear President Trump state multiple times that he would “march to capitol hill” with his supporters to challenge the “assault of American democracy.”  After this rally was over, the pro-trump rioters raced to Capitol Hill, causing a disturbance. In an article from The Slatest, the rioters were breaking doors as well as windows, and bludgeoning a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher. These so-called “protesters” of the election were not only dangerous but also terrifyingly powerful.

The man carrying the condfederate flah hasd been identified and arrested, the man’s name is Kevin Seefried. Seefried was identified by a coworker that heard seefried boast about being at the captiol on the 6th with his son. He and his son have been arrested and charged with unlawful activities on the ground of the Capitol and unlawful entry. Courtesy of The New York Times.