The Forgotten Hero’s of 9/11

American Hero’s in 9/11 forgotten for Their Service.


“It’s like we had to be killed doing our job.”

Logan Dunn, Writer

The men and women of 9/11/2001 feel forgotten for their services.They feel this way due to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority managers failing to provide them with a  pension, health, and insurance benefits after they became sick do to the air they were breathing when they went into the towers to help get people out of the towers.They needed these services to deal with the hardships that resulted from their sacrifice, according to nydailynews.

Michael Trotta, a first responder,said“My bosses at the MTA showed me no sympathy, and denied me paid time off to receive treatment, forcing me to drain my savings.” A lieutenant with 20 years of experience in the New York fire department Brendan Berkman said“she felt like they were forgotten for their bravery in 9/11 some people were saying,” Well, there were no women firefighters killed there, and so, therefore, there weren’t any women there, or the women there were useless because they weren’t killed”. Berkman responded to these comments saying “It’s like we had to be killed to show we were doing our jobs.”, according to

These people who risked their own lives to save others should be praised to the fullest due to their bravery. They were part of saving many lives and try and protect other people from dying from this terrorist attack on America, which managed to kill almost 3,000 people and threatened the lives of many others.

Some first responders and civilians became sick due to the inhalation of debris, smoke and ash in the air.When they went into the buildings, trying to save lives and some responders even died for their bravery. No one should be forgotten for what sacrifice they made to help others.