Tiny Colt Left Alone To Face Cold Weather

Olaf, A UK Colt That Left in the Cold, is Now a Mascot to Advocate for Other Horses



Olaf in his new home after his brighter future.

Josh Murphy, Staff Writer

A tiny colt- also known as a young horse- was left to freeze in the cold weather in the UK. After he was rescued by the landowner, he was used as a mascot to bring awareness for horses left out in such weather.

According to HorseandHound, a colt named Olaf was left out in the cold weather in the UK. Olaf was found after his mother left him in an area that was prone to flooding. Because of Olaf’s situation, World Horse Welfare reached out to the landowner that found Olaf. A spokesperson from the World Horse Welfare told Horse and hound, “When field officer Chris Shaw visited to assess the situation in early December, it was clear that Olaf was very young, just a few months old — and his situation was precarious with winter weather fast approaching.”  Due to the horse laws in London, the landowner could take ownership of Olaf.

According to Legislation.gov, Section 2 of the Control of Horse Act states, “Section 7B… gives freeholders and occupiers of land in England a power to detain horses which are on their land without lawful authority.” This is what allowed the landowner to be able to take ownership of Olaf, as Olaf had wandered into his land.

According to Pennstate Extension, a horse should always be wearing a blanket or windbreaker when left in cold weather in order to avoid getting hypothermia. Olaf is currently in a safe place and is now a mascot for other horses that are suffering from similar situations. His story is both sad and uplifting with the hope that people will be looking to help other horses in need.