Spanish Swag

Spanish III Classes Take the Red Carpet

Señora Ross with her fifth period Spanish III class at their Red Carpet Release party.

Mary McKinney, Life and Opinion Editor

Learning a new language can be difficult, but it can also be fun.

The Spanish III classes were having a Red Carpet Release Party for the new tense they were learning.

“The goal was to give students an exciting way to show off their Spanish speaking skills, and to create a low stress environment in which students could express themselves freely under the guise of a character,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Sarah Ross.

Students were given recording artists and had to dress up as their assigned celebrity; students then went around trying to guess who everyone was.

“The students did a really great job speaking Spanish and commenting on one another’s identity,” said Ross 

The Red Carpet Release Party featured drinks, food, and swag bags.

While students still had to speak Spanish they got to enjoy a Red-Carpety-worthy activity to help their Spanish-speaking ability.