Say It Loud, Live It Louder

Javier Sanchez ensures NHS students that their past does not disqualify them from their future


Jaylin Paschal

Javier Sanchez shares his message of hope for the future.

Jaylin Paschal, Editor-in-Chief

Motivational speaker, comedian, and spoken word artist Javier Sanchez visited Northmont High School April 7.

Invited by Aspirations and SADD, Sanchez entertained and inspired the entire student body.

By sharing his own life stories, and explaining how unfortunate circumstances are opportunities for growth and learning, Sanchez spoke of bright futures in spite of darker pasts.

“Your past does not disqualify you from your future,” said Sanchez.

Although students often found themselves laughing in the relaxed atmosphere, the assembly also sparked a new wave of hope and personal improvement as Sanchez encouraged students to take advantage of every moment.

Sanchez’s poetry, stories, and advice will prompt students to make a plan to better themselves and their lives, and then stick with that plan. Sanchez’s shirt read “say it loud, live it louder” and Northmont students will be doing just that.