Sun, Fun, and …Books

Freshmen are Faced with Summer Reading Requirements


One of Ms. Kathryn Abels’ ninth grade advanced Language Arts sections who had to read two books over the summer.

Cassidy Hunter, Staff Writer

Summer is supposed to be full of sun and fun. However, freshmen students taking advanced language arts classes had a list of reading to begin their summer break.

“It got you to get back into the groove, but…it’s keeping me from doing other summer things,” said freshman Katelyn Brown, who understood the reasons for the assignment, but dreaded that it took so much time.

Other students didn’t mind the summer reading assignments.

“It’s Language Arts…I’m going to have to read anyway,” said freshman Emmy Smith.

However some students question the purpose of summer work, including freshman Rocco Libertini who said he had no clue what the purpose was. Others question the benefit.

“I read all the time,” said freshman Isabella Good. “I don’t know what it was supposed to help me with.”

Good was also frustrated after learning they were only going to use the books for about three weeks.

Regardless of student opinions, summer assignments continue to be a requirement for all advanced language arts classes.