Prepping the Brain

Students and Teachers Prepare for Midterm Exams


Mr. James Smith speaks to his fourth period class about diseases.

Autumn Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief

While many students are focused on a nearly three-week Winter Break, teachers are focused on preparing their students for the final test of the calendar year.

“My reviews are going to be in the form of a review worksheet. Students will be allowed time to work in class and ask questions to myself or each other. Some discussions usually result from this when students are struggling with a question and no one around them is able to help, the class will come together and work through the problem. I like this method because it allows the students a little more independence in their studying. I encourage my students to look through the review and mark which questions they feel they can answer and which ones will give them troubles. They should then work on the ones they anticipate causing them problems,” said math teacher Mr. Rusty Rizzotte.

The general plans for preparation in the math department include performing many review problems. Some will use online programs, like Kahoot, Edulastic, or Google Forms, while others will use review worksheets and in-class problems, according to Rizzotte.

Other teachers have similar methods to prepare.

“We will be spending 2-3 days of review with worksheets and in-class discussions,” said chemistry teacher Mr. William Patrizio.

Some students are already thinking about their midterms.

“My teachers prepared me well-enough for it,” said sophomore Edward Hardaway.

There is a debate over the purpose and benefits of midterms.

Freshman Brittany Baker thinks that midterms simply serve as, “a refresh over what you did over the two quarters.”

However the form, students and teachers are working towards success on the semester midterms.

Midterms will take place on Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20. Exams for periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 will occur on Monday, and exams for periods 2, 4, 5, and 6 will occur on Tuesday.