Blessing’s Blessing

Freshman’s House Once Haunted


Freshman Madison Blessing lives in this home.

Ellie Coppock, Staff Writer

Haunted houses could be a fear for some students, but for freshman Madison Blessing, it was a reality. Blessing, who once considered her house haunted, has had disturbing experiences in her house and has had her house blessed twice.

“I remember my mom told me that when we just moved in, ‘ghosts’ would mess with these two pretty oil lamps by lifting them,” said Blessing. “My mom had to get rid of them.”

According to Blessing, her older sister claims someone grabbed her feet while she was sleeping.

“My older sister has moved out,” said Blessing. “She lived downstairs. I moved into her room and I’m not scared there anymore.”

According to Blessing, nothing unusual has happened in a while. However, her dad still tries to scare people.

“At a Halloween party, my dad said that there was scary writing on this little room under the stairs, but he got it removed once we moved in,” said Blessing.

According to Blessing, the house has been blessed two times. The blessing of her house included a priest coming into the house, who said prayers and put holy water around the home. 

“My house isn’t haunted anymore, so people shouldn’t be afraid of it,” said Blessing.

Blessing and her family have lived in the house for 14 years.