Warriors at Bolts

Wayne Defeats Northmont in Double Overtime


Northmont linebackers tackle Wayne’s quarterback (courtesy of Mr. Jim Smith).

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 23, Northmont and Wayne High School played a game that ended in a 38-35 score with Wayne coming out on top. Lasting an hour longer than regular games, this game was settled in double overtime.

“It was crazy to play in such an emotional and close game,” said junior Danny Lewis, a varsity wide receiver. “It was bad that we lost, but it was good that we came together as a team.”

The game was emotional for Northmont, due to the fact that they were once losing 21-0. They went on a 28-point run to take the game into overtime after holding Wayne’s offense on a late-game drive.

“I was disappointed that we lost. I was happy that the team came together and came back,” said senior Amari Spears, a varsity defensive back.

Although Northmont suffered a loss, the team is satisfied they had unity in the game.

“We all came together as one. At halftime, Coach B came in and gave us a speech that told us what we needed to do and brought us together,” said senior Jabari Perkins, a varsity wide receiver. “It was very emotional. I cried, losing by three after coming back is sad.”

With Northmont being counted out of the game early, the team was satisfied to come back so fast.

“It was crazy to come back. I was very happy that we worked together and came back. The loss was bad but it was good the way we played very well together,” said sophomore Brandon Goodwin the varsity place kicker.

Both teams were 3-1 going into the game. Northmont looks to improve their record with a win versus Lebanon on Friday, September 29.