Wall Of Hope

Art Students Create The Empathy Wall


The empathy wall is a bulletin board in the main hallway with students’ artwork on display.

Emily Swanson, Staff Writer

The large bulletin board in the main hallway, formerly known as the art wall, is going through a change. Students in art classes are creating art that relates to the idea of empathy to replace the old paintings. This includes students in painting, photography, and drawing classes.

“I always liked how the art in the hall looked,” said freshman Sarah Wood. “Now it’s cool to see new art go up.”

The empathy wall is meant to spread positivity, inside and outside of class. Some students believe the project has created a positive energy in their art classes.

“I finished my painting for the wall,” said freshman Ava Brant. “It was a fun project to do.”

Previously, there was art about belief and recovery hanging on the bulletin board. The art teachers decided that it was time for a change.

The new art will be going up to display on the wall throughout the month of April and beginning of May.