About to Disappear from the Planet… Should People Care?

Story of the Endagered Attwater Prarie Chicken

Will This Animal Disappear Forever From the Planet

Will This Animal Disappear Forever From the Planet

Gwendolyn Doherty, Staff Writer

There are an alarming number of animals on the verge of extinction during recent years. One of these animals that many people may not be aware is called the Attwater Prairie Chicken.  This animal is so rare that it even has its own national park at 1206 Apc Nwr Rd, Eagle Lake, TX 77434.

According to National Geographic, “The reason why they have their own park is because anything will eat it including hawks and other raptors, bobcats, coyotes, owls, feral dogs, and even cats….  The only defense they have are being together in packs and being in large spaces.”

By the 1980s, there were only about 1,000-2,000 individuals left and continued to decline rapidly. At that point, biologists started to breed them in captivity in places like the Fossil Rim Wildlife Refuge, near Dallas. They hunted down and grabbed as many as they could but could only get 19, shortly after they completely disappeared in the wild.

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Not many people know about these birds despite the steep decline that went noticed since the 1960’s.  Their still being devastated today but are in a more well protected and supervised environment.

Should Students Care?

But why should we care? Even now we would think that it is a bit sad, but we don’t really care. This doesn’t affect us so we don’t really care or at least don’t take action upon it, at the same time those who want to, can’t because their to young or don’t have the right resources. Perhaps when we are old enough, we could do anything to help them, such as seeing if you could donate some money to show you care.

I recommend that when you’re in Texas, to go see the national reserve for these interesting animals, or at least request to go visit it.