Sesame Street Saves Lives

Lego Foundation and Sesame Workshop Work to Help Syrian Refugees


Photo curtesy Ryan Donnell/Sesame Workshop

Haley Mengerink, Staff Writer

A new partnership between Lego Foundation and Sesame Workshop is working to team up with organizations helping Syrian refugees.

According to The New York Times, the upcoming humanitarian project is expected to provide $100 million over 5 years to deepen the work of Sesame Workshop. Intending to help refugee children by utilizing the imagination, the project will help broaden the imagination of children at risk. To help these children become healthy and successful, Sesame Street aims to provide hands-on learning tactics that bring life to the minds of those who are struggling. Helping these children thrive is important to the Lego Foundation and Sesame Street.

“We do risk losing a whole generation if we don’t help the children who find themselves in these emergency settings,” said John Goodwin, the chief executive of the Lego Foundation.

The Syrian war has posed many dangers upon Syrian citizens and caused many to flee the country in recent years. As families flee from danger, children may go through trauma from things that they see or experience. For this reason, the Lego Foundation and Sesame Workshop want to provide childhood development programs to refugees in need. By helping these children expand and explore their imaginations, it will be easier for them to live with trauma and make good decisions later in life.