Hong Kong Revolution!


Jeffrey Rucker, Staff Writer

Since mid June of 2019, tensions have been rising in the streets of Hong Kong. Protestors by the millions have been marching to stand their ground against police and their communist government. Hong Kong’s government aims to pass a bill that allows authorities to deport people accused of crimes. Activists, journalists, lawyers, and various citizens are spread out making their voices heard. However, violence has manifested within the conflict, after several protestors were killed, reports CNN.  Some protesters have turned into rioters as they began throwing bricks and petrol bombs. Across this endeavor, we see police advancing weaponry along with the severity of the situation. Authorities are moving up from shields and tear gas to military tactics with firearms. Clashes have even broken out in airports. 

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, is the state’s highest ranking politician stated by the New York Times. She suspended the passing of the bill, but it was not fully denied. With a 24.6% out of 100 approval rating, she is now the most unpopular official in Hong Kong since the late 90s. She claims that activists real goal is to “destroy Hong Kong”. In a video interview, she says, “If violence continues, the only thing that we should do is stamp out that violence through law enforcement actions.” As of September 4th, CNN has announced that Carrie Lam has completely withdrawn the bill. She then declares that she will not step down from her government position, despite the unpopular opinion of Hong Kong. Conflict is still abundant as protests continue in the streets.