New season, New Feeling

A Look At The Upcoming Basketball Season

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Caysean Hayes, Staff Writer

After the biggest offseason in National Basketball Association (NBA) history comes the 2019-2020 season, and it is one of the most anticipated seasons so far. There’s high anticipation because the offseason had so much player movement compared to any other offseason. Many teams arose as possible title contenders and other playoff contenders improved their teams to make deeper pushes into the playoffs.

This past offseason had more free agents and more player movement than any other season. But the big moves started even before free agency started, with star forward Anthony Davis being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on the night of the draft. This came to no surprise since Davis had requested a  trade to the Lakers before the trade deadline last season. This was seen as a huge move and a precursor to what was to come in free agency.

In the start of free agency, some big names were already rumored to be leaving current teams so it was expected for there to be some players movement. The first big name to commit to their new team was guard Kamba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets. Walker decided to sign with the Boston Celtics because he saw it as more of an opportunity to win than he would in the Hornets, who have failed to reach the playoffs in years. The Celtics felt like they needed to sign Walker after losing their other star guard, Kyrie Irving, to the Brooklyn Nets. Irving was traded to the Celtics in the 2017 offseason and was seen to be the franchise cornerstone for years to come. After a underwhelming season with the Celtics that lead them to be ousted in the second round, Irving decided to join his hometown team. Irving wasn’t the only big name to join the Nets. Star forward Kevin Durant also decided to go to Brooklyn. Durant had been on the Golden State Warrior for the last 3 years, many fans felt like because they had 3 all-star caliber players that there was no more competition in the league. Durant went to the Nets via a sign and trade, and in that trade the Warriors acquired all-star guard D’Angelo Russell. Russell was an upcoming free agent and signed off on being traded to the Warriors as opposed to entering free agency.

After the first few days of free agency a lot of big names signed with their teams, but it seemed to stop when everyone was waiting for possibly the biggest free agent Kawhi Leonard to make his decision on his team. Leonard was coming from the Toronto Raptors who he was traded to last season from the San Antonio Spurs. Leonard lead the Raptors to their first title and won the finals MVP in the process. After 4 days into the free agency it was announced by the NBA, that Leonard had signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. This came as a big shock because many thought he was heading to the Lakers, what also shocked many people was that the Clippers had traded for all-star forward Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder. This was really shocking because no one was expecting George to leave the Thunder over the offseason after he resigned with them last year. This lead Thunder’s All-Star guard Russell Westbrook to also request a trade from the team he has been with his whole career. The Thunder were in talks with many teams to trade Westbrook but decided to trade him to the Houston Rockets. This move made Westbrook team up with his former teammate James Harden. Harden and Westbrook played with each other young in their career before they both won MVP and multiple all star appearances. 

These moves shook the landscape of the whole NBA, and feel like it is more balanced than it has ever been. Many fans around the school ‘d[ are looking forward to the season more than ever.

“I don’t really watch basketball but I’m very excited for the new season.” Senior David Houdson on the upcoming season, he also feels the Clippers should be favored to win because of their depth.

The big free agent moves aren’t the only thing people have been looking forward to. “I’m mostly looking  forward to seeing how Zion Williamson will develop in the league” Senior Emerson Harewood on what he’s most looking forward to this season. With Williamson being one of the most hyped NBA prospects in recent history many people are excited to see how his game will translate to the league.

Many fans, like Senior Thando Muwasha, are rooting for their favorite team to come on top. His favorite team is the Rockets and he feels after the improvements they made in the offseason that they have a real shot at winning the title.

With the NBA season started many fans are very optimistic about the season and excited to see what it will bring this season. With 72% of the NBA’s free agents switching teams according to, this season can really bring a lot.